The program awards multiple scholarships each year to Seniors graduating from Anthony Wayne High School.

Available Scholarships

ScholarshipNumber AwardedTotalRequirements
Anthony Wayne Education Foundation Scholarship6$1,000General Scholarship - GPA minimum 2.5
Anthony Wayne Spirit Award2$500One male, one female. Varsity athletics, not necessarily an athlete. Done in consult with the athletic director.
Robert Walters Memorial Scholarship1$2,000General Scholarship - GPA minimum 2.5
John & Alice Saunders Endowment1$1,000Preferably for Journalism or History. If no one applies for those, award with our regular scholarships.
Richard Albaugh Memorial Scholarship2$1,000One each to a male and female athlete
Joan Hazel Memorial Scholarship1$1,000Interested in Teaching
Jacob Michael Childers Scholarship1$1,000One of three categories: Senior Athlete - GPA 2.5-3.7, Student involved in Music or Art - GPA 2.5-3.7, Student pursuing Major in business, or sports related field - GPA 2.5-3.7
Marissa Anne Rose Memorial Scholarship1$2,000Member of NHS and one of the following: member of AW tennis team min of 3 years, or member of AWHS Marching Band and or concert bands for 4 years
David Boost Memorial Scholarship1$1,000Student pursuing Education Major
Joe Miller Memorial Scholarship1$500No GPA requirement - Eagle Scout and Athlete