About The Foundation

The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation was founded in 1994 to support Anthony Wayne Local Schools. It is independent from the school district and governed by a Board of Trustees and who maintain a liaison with the superintendent and other district leaders.

Mission Statement

The Anthony Wayne Education Foundation is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of academic ability, achievement, and excellence in the Anthony Wayne Local School District.


Through the action of its Board of Trustees, the Foundation may provide for activities and programs, equipment, materials and supplies, and professional development not usually funded by the Board of Education, to enrich the educational experience and to enhance the academic environment in the District. Outstanding performance by or special needs of students, teachers and staff may also be recognized by the Foundation with assistance and awards with scholarships or grants for higher or continuing education.

Action Plan

To accomplish its mission, the Foundation may seek and receive from individuals, businesses and organizations and other funds through donations, gifts, and bequests of money or other property, beneficiary designations, and contributions of time, expertise, and resources.